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Okay everyone, I am trying to get my logo for my photography business and I need some help on the name.. So I’m gonna do a poll.. Which one do you like?

1.You Shine Photography

2. It’s all about the moments Photography

Comment below which one you like ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Favorite hobbies

Hey guys! It has been a while since I have posted.. so here goes..

Some of my favorite hobbies,

1. Definitely Soccer ⚽️

2. I love to take pictures so photography. 📸

And I love to do art stuff. I really enjoy drawing and I have started doing watercolor and I am really enjoying doing that! So, what are some of your hobbies?

Q & A answers

Ok so I am finally getting around to doing the answers to the Q & A. I hope you enjoy!

Favorite dessert? Probably Ice Cream.

Favorite book? Well, I don’t really have a favorite book. But I LOVE the Circle C Adventures Series.. they are all so good it’s hard to pick a favorite!

Favorite Blog?

Favorite color? Probably Blue and then Purple
Favorite holiday? Christmas
Favorite Bible character? Daniel
Favorite book of the Bible? Hhm, I don’t really have a favorite book. I have favorite verses 🙂
Favorite animal? Horses and then Dogs.
Warm or cold weather? Definitely warm weather.
Swimming or camping? Well, I have never really done either but I would love to go camping!!
Indoor or outdoor? Definitely outdoor.
Reading or watching movies? I LOVE to read!