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Q&A answers!!

Update: sorry guys!! I forgot to put the picture in this post!

I think I finally got all of my posts caught up, so here is the last one!

From Tori Huber

What is your fav thing to do when bored? Play piano, read, Cross stitch.

What is your fav animal? Definitely horses!! I would love to have one someday!

Do you have any pets? I do!! We have 2 bloodhounds!

Whats your fav school subject? Probably history, if it’s interesting. And then I am really excited to start the Circle C Curriculum!

Fav color? Blue.

Fav food? Spaghetti is one of my favorites!

Fav dessert? Ice Cream, or Chocolate Chip cookies are two of my favorites.

From bookadventureer

What’s your favorite book(s)? I kind of have more like favorite series lol.. but I like the More tales from Memory creek ranch book!

What’s your favorite book series? The Princess in camo series, Andi Carter books, most any horse books, Corrie Ten Boom books.

What’s your favorite show(s)? Heartland is a good show. And I like Bringing up Bates

What’s your favorite movie(s)? I will have to say we don’t really watch that many movies. But I like good horse movies.

What’s your favorite Andi book(s)? Trouble with Treasure, and then the Last Ride or Courageous Love. (It’s hard to pick just one Andi book right?)

Which Circle C character(s) are you most and least like? Least like Melinda probably. And then most like I don’t really know. Look below in the photo of where I answered the who are you most like circle c character.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions? Being with Family! Family is really special to me! And then we normally get matching pajama’s so that’s really fun!!

From Faith H

What are your favorite series? Book series is Andi Carter. And movie is Heartland!

Hope this answers your question! 👆

Do you own any animals? I do! I have 2 bloodhounds!

How old are you? I am 14!

What’s your favorite character in the Bible? Uhm, I’m not really quite sure, but Daniel is a really great one!! And a great one to try and be like, standing up for God even when there may be something bad happen to us!

Do you likes dogs or cats better? Definitely dogs.

What inspired you to start this blog? Seeing Mrs. M’s blog and then I guess just seeing other peoples blogs. I thought it would be really cool to have one! The biggest thing with me is that I am pretty bashful. So it’s kind of hard for me.

From Anaiah Bruno

What is your favorite bible verse? I have so many it’s hard to choose! I really like Exodus 14:14!

What’s your favorite song? Probably Don’t start doubting now by the Clark family!

Who’s your favorite author? Susan Marlow!

What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas!!

What’s your ideal vacation place? The beach!! I have never been but would love to go!!

Hope you enjoyed this!! Let me know if this was what you expected my answers to be!!!



Published by Zoey

Hi! My name is Zoey, I am a follower of Christ and I hope my blog encourages you!!! and I love to read, write, and I love horse’s! Thanks for visiting my blog!

9 thoughts on “Q&A answers!!

  1. Is the Heartland you are talking about with Amy and Ty? Just want to make sure, bc I know there is a movie of Heartland and there is a show.


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