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8 thoughts on “Favorite books

  1. My fav books…
    1. The Last Ride —Andrea Carter books, Milestones
    2. Courageous Love ❤️—Andrea Carter, Milestones
    3. Dangerous Decision—Circle C Adventures,
    4. Prisoner of the Pyrenees —Baker Family Adventures
    5. Green Ember Series

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  2. Hi! I’m new here 🙂 I found out about your blog on Andi Carter’s blog. Anyways these are my favorites:

    1. Rilla of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables)
    2. All the Andi Carter books :)- (adventures and milestones)
    3. Little Women
    4. Wingfeather Saga
    5. The Hiding Place

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  3. Hmmmm, i guess this is mine:

    1. Andrea Carter series
    2. Keystone stables series
    3. Winnie the horse gentler series
    4. Pony’s of Chincoteague series
    5. Sadie’s Montana Series

    As you can tell i love series haha

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  4. Hmm… this is tough lol! 😆
    1. Keeper of the Lost Cities_Shannon Messenger
    2. The Percy Jackson books_Rick Riordan
    3. I rlly like dystopian books like The Hunger Games_Suzanne Collins, or the Divergent series_Veronica Roth
    4. Its a tie between The Green Ember_S. D. Smith, and the Wingfeather Saga_ Andrew Peterson
    5. The Circle C books (aka Andrea Carter books)_Susan K. Marlow
    Ok thats all!! Srry there are more than 5 lol


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